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Why Are Workout Shoes Flat?

A colleague at work asked me why are Workout shoes shoes flat?

For centuries, some people have sworn it is easier to run in bare feet than in shoes. Although before my time, my dad used to talk about Abebe Bikila who won an olympic marathon with no shoes!

Runners in the olympics with no shoes – workout shoes with a flat design, what is the world coming too.

But I think it makes sense that zero head-to-toe or neutral shoes enable the natural inclination of the feet to do their thing. As I have discussed some runners and physios even attest to the fact that running in your bare feet is better. For workouts in a gym the feel and operation of bare feet is the ideal situation with the added protection of conventional footwear.

Zero Drop ShoesIt is clear, the body is the best manager of healing itself and it knows how best to run, lift and move. The feet have a natural movement, un-encumbered they are able to move freely. They are versatile, designed to fit a variety of chosen activities. Sadly, the wrong shoe can destroy your feet so getting the correct shoe is the wisest thing a sports enthusiast can do for the feet.
I posted a video here on some current albeit potentially old thinking.

People with foot problems may also surprisingly find flat shoes far more comfortable to wear when walking for prolonged periods. It is rather embarrassing to participate in activities and find you are the only one in the group with foot problems. These shoes are built flat like the contours of the feet and feel like socks on the feet. Flat shoes are shaped so naturally, the feet are being strengthened with every step.

Every muscle of the foot is allowed to move increasing the strength of the foot, enabling more flexibility, while reducing the possibility of injury. Barefoot running shoes have the look of a soft glove pulled over the feet and they are wonderful for the feet. Manufacturers have made a barrage of footwear to keep the feet comfortable over the years. This includes socks with rubber grips and wooden shoes with lowered heels. The CrossFit design has improved the way shoes fit. This good-looking footwear works as hard as you do.

These shoes shelter the feet from injury while giving the runner freedom of movement. The foot is almost in a spring position giving the runner a more comfortable movement position. This reduces stress on the foot and the legs. Running is a great form of exercise but it is difficult to enjoy if injury to the feet is a constant interference.

The feet hold nerve endings related to other parts of the body and it is important to care for them. Washing the feet relaxes the whole body. Since the feet hold nerve endings related to other parts of the body, it is important to care for them. This means wearing the best shoes available. It is scientifically proven; the CrossFit style of shoe is best suited for the well-being of the feet.

These shoes are built to be supportive during rigorous workouts. This is important when foot movement is repetitive. Rubbing and lack of ventilation can cause blistering. The flat build of this footwear seriously mimics the movement of the foot without a shoe. CrossFit shoes have different assets and each user must select the best shoe for their workout strategy. Some need more toe room while others need added ventilation in a shoe. Through it all, the flat construction of a flat shoe can prevent injury and strengthen parts of your body at the same time.



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