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Factors in Biomechanical Design of Athletic Wear

Great workout shoes and clothing helps to maximize your training but also to reduce the possibility of injury.

Apparel that performs well but also looks good is important for todays weekend warrior or professional athlete.

Designers these days and materials have enabled manufacturers to create clothing that is much more advanced than what you would wear just a few years ago.

Shoes in particular have undergone radical transformation as biomechanics and new fabrics, rubbers and materials along with USA lead inspiration means superior performance.


It has been only relatively recently that the study of biomechanics has found its way into the design of clothing for athletes. In a nutshell, biomechanics is the mechanical study of biological systems at rest or in motion. In design, these studies enable us to see how the body interacts when specific interactions occur. For example, in the case of a shoe when we change parameters as simple as the type of material used to cushion on impact we may want to know how the knee acts.

Here is a video on the most recent thinking for running shoes

Others believe that minimalist or barefoot shoes are a better option.